In 1998, E-B Group companies were founded with the aim of presenting and marketing of enterprise solutions based on high IT technologies to our customers together with our country's leading business partners.

Its business activities include scanning technology, imaging, document processing products and technologies, biometric based security systems, custom storage products and management software, as well as mobile technology and enterprise center and distributed document processing platform products.

ETB closely follows the technological developments and leads the way in biometrics and scanning solutions. Solutions are being developed for customers using high technology products and software with expert staff. By providing creative and innovative solutions, each customer is able to differentiate in their own sector.

Fujitsu document scanner is the leader of the market in Turkey and representative of Eurasia and Turkey in document scanning solutions. In addition, in the field of biometrics, Fujitsu is representing the products and solutions of Futronic, Digital Persona, Crossmatch, Dermolog, PCS and Softex brands.

Briefly, ETB is representing and marketing all kinds of special hardware, software and solutions for the management of Unstructured Data, which is found in 80% of companies. ETB, which has reached its customers through the leading system integrators and solution companies of our country, has a market share of over 50% in its sector.